Control Freak is the lighting control brand of Creative Lighting. Started in Queensland, Australia in 1989, Creative Lighting has spent more than two decades investing into R&D for its lighting control products.

Despite this extensive R&D undertaking, Creative Lighting has never developed a proprietary protocol for its controllers. Instead, all Control Freak controllers are built around the belief that open protocol controls are the way forward. As such, Creative Lighting has focused primarily on supporting protocols such as DALI, RDM, DMX, and Android.

Control Freak controllers are sold all over the world. The indispensable commissioning device, the Control Freak ADDICT, is used in factories by OEMs testing their devices and to commission and maintain lighting: from Sweden in the Northern Hemisphere to the Australian Antarctic Territory in the Southern Hemisphere; America, Canada, Europe and Asia. Creative Lighting is currently looking for distributors and stockists for our Control Freak line of products. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on (+61 7) 3282-8777