Product Design

Creative Lighting has never developed a proprietary protocol for its controllers: instead, all Control Freak controllers are built around the belief that open protocol controls – and APIs – are the way forward.

As such, Creative Lighting has focused primarily on supporting protocols such as DALI, RDM, DMX, and Android and utilise Google Protocol Buffers and publish APIs.


Patents, trademarks, extensive proprietary code for software, firmware and apps plus our own designed and built hardware makes Creative Lighting quite uniquely capable of anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs.

Call Anytime

Our clients frequently remind us of how much they value being able to actually speak to our Software and Hardware Engineers directly, citing it as remarkably unique compared to any of their other suppliers where tech support is relatively frustrating and slow.

We listen

Where other companies will say “its not in our R&D pipeline” we will embrace our clients’ ideas and, more often than not, add them into our pipeline.

Some ideas have been so great we have prioritised them over other R&D to benefit all our clients quickly and robustly.

There’s nothing like working at the coalface to know what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved or gaps filled.

That’s why we not only listen to our clients, we assist in the commissioning of a select number of projects to work right alongside you.