DALI Test, Commission, Distribution, and Power.

The new UBi (V2) comes with test functionality to Min/Max the DALI line on a button press. This can reduce commissioning time by providing a way to find faults during the install phase. See the video below for a practical demo of the UBi Test and UBi Power.

Mike Howes demonstrates the functionality of the Control Freak UBi and UBi Power. The UBi is a 2 pole wide DALI line splitting device that can create 6 branches of your line. Banana jack inputs on the top allow direct access onto the line with a multimeter or Control Freak ADDICT commissioning device.


Fed up with DALI cables all twisted together? Want a fast way to disconnect the controller and parts of the line during commissioning? Want a safer and quicker way to connect to the DALI line?

Every UBi can create up to 6 branches of a DALI line. Simply put a DALI line into one of the 2-way pluggable terminals, and then use any combination of the 5 remaining terminal pairs to route your cable anyway you like. Or, if you want the UBi to be a power supply, simply power a UBi Power with 24VDC and it will power your DALI line with 21.9VDC 245mA and still give you 5 DALI connections – one for your DALI controller and four to branch however you like.

The UBi also features two 600VAC rated banana jack inputs which makes it exceptionally easy to use with the Control Freak ADDICT commissioning device; plug the ADDICT into the UBi and you are straight onto the DALI line, ready to commission and diagnose.

And it has an overvoltage indicator to keep you safe.


UBi were released in 2012 and have already been installed (in both UBi and UBi Power versions) in numerous projects including 175 Eagle Street Brisbane, Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise, the Archibishop Duhrig Aged Care in Holland Park, Burpengary Regional Sports Park, Samford Steiner School, Rockhampton Hospital, Health Matters Fernvale and many other projects.