Decisions… Decisions…

Choose the SLAMMO for your next project. All versions are DALI/DSI/DMX/RDM compatible in similar form factors.

The SLAMMO V5 is the latest entry to the LED Driver family range. Boasting 450W IP67 and 600W IP54 over 4 channels, with multi-language support, and advanced features such as output Invert and Output Type control.

The SLAMMO P is a 3 and 6 channel 5V PWM suitable for Meanwell LDD Drivers.

The SLAMMO 18CH, in limited stock, is an 18 channel constant voltage variant of the SLAMMO V4.


All SLAMMOs are supplied ready to talk your language – whether it’s DALI, DMX512, RDM over DMX512 or DSI, so it’s compatible with brands like Clipsal and Philips Dynalite. Supporting DALI Standard 2.0, Device Type 6.


The SLAMMO was the first to pass all 235 RDM tests. SLAMMOs have been chosen over bigger name competitors for projects around the globe.


When it comes to LED control, bigger IS better and the SLAMMO boasts class-leading capacity of up to 25Amps. In IP67 enclosures, up to 600W @24VDC / 300W at 12VDC. For constant current LEDs, the SLAMMO-P can drive up to 96 luminaires equipped with PWM controlled CC drivers such as the Meanwell LDD series (350mA to 1A per LDD).

You fast talker you

SLAMMO boasts 400Hz operation for flicker-free operation and 800Hz can be supplied too. In DMX512 vector mode, the SLAMMO uses 32-bit calculations for 16-bit dimming that is incredibly smooth. A 1.2kHz mode can be selected using RDM.

We have nothing to hide

The IP67 enclosed version offers a transparent lid that allows you to see the mimic and status LEDs at a glance. We’re all individuals. Every SLAMMO has a UID (Unique Identifier) for RDM (Remote Device Management over DMX512) and its own address in both DALI and DMX512 which can be changed by bitswitch or suitable tool such as the Control Freak ADDICT®.


Designed and made in Australia, the SLAMMO V5 is always undergoing Research & Development to stay one step ahead. The SLAMMO-P 6 Channel is now also manufactured in Australia.


We can supply CAD blocks of the SLAMMO and CAD wiring diagrams for projects.

Input Voltage7-48v DC (match to requirement of LEDs)
Input CurrentUp to 25A
Output Voltage7-48v DC
Output CurrentUp to 25A, maximum of 15A per channel
Output Power600W at 24v OR 300W at 12V (IP54)
Size (PCB)232.3mm (l) x 64mm (w) x 15mm (h)
Size (IP Enclosed)250mm (l) x 80mm (w) x 85mm (h)
ProtectionShort circuit output protection by replaceable 15A fuses on each channel. Immune from accidental dc input reversal
Data ProtocolsDALI, DMX512, DSI , RDM (Remote Device Management)
Personalities4 DMX512 personalities offering coarse, vector, fine and variable speed strobe
AdditionalDevice Invert, DALI/DMX channel count 1, 2, 3, or 4, Log and Linear Curve